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Our mission is to provide excellent wound care to facilitate optimal wound healing. Our vision is to lead with compassionate care and to empower patients with knowledge that will ultimately lead to a healthier and fulfilling life.

How does Treatment start?

Your physician will write a physical therapy prescription for wound care. Once you receive a prescription for therapy, you will schedule an appointment for a comprehensive evaluation of your wound. Your therapist will determine a treatment plan for your wound(s) and will initiate care that day.

Types of Treatment

  • Sharps debridement 

  • Mechanical debridement 

  • Enzymatic debridement 

  • Wound VACs 

  • Compression Therapy

Types of Wounds

  • Abscesses 

  • Burns 

  • Arterial Ulcers 

  • Chronic Venous Ulcers 

  • Diabetic Ulcers 

  • Trauma Wounds

  • Pressure Ulcers

  • Post op incisions

  • Dehisced incisions

  • Lacerations 

  • Pilonidal cysts

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